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A Murder Unseen

Sandra Ford is at the wrong place at the wrong time. She doesn’t see a murder. She just hears it. Convincing the police that the murder is more than just a figment of her imagination seems like an impossible task. That impossibility fades in comparison to the unbelievable nightmare Sandra soon finds herself in. Suddenly the police believe someone was killed—and Sandra is the prime suspect!


While on assignment to uncover the details of an assassination plot, Jeremi Grant sustains a gunshot wound that grazes his skull, leaving him with no memory, with no explanation for why he is at the scene of a murder. An undercover FBI agent is dead. His fellow agents want the man who did it. All evidence points to Jeremi.

Under arrest for murder, Jeremi has no explanation for the FBI. Worse yet, he has no explanation for himself. Meanwhile, an assassination is going to take place and the details needed to prevent it are locked in Jeremi’s mind. The pieces slowly begin to fall into place, but will Jeremi remember enough, soon enough, in order to prevent the assassination?

Identity Revealed

Can one hide forever under witness protection? What if there’s a leak? What happens then? These thoughts have tormented Alyssa. She’s about to find out what happens when her nightmares become reality. She’s about to find out if her God is real enough to carry her through. (The sequel to Betrayed.)

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