A Murder Unseen

Sandra Ford is at the wrong place at the wrong time. She doesn’t see a murder. She just hears it. Convincing the police that the murder is more than just a figment of her imagination seems like an impossible task. That impossibility fades in comparison to the unbelievable nightmare Sandra soon finds herself in. Suddenly the police believe someone was killed—and Sandra is the prime suspect!

Customer Reviews

“Gripping. From the get-go. So well written you forget it is fiction. Each and every character lives and breathes. Some for longer than others!” — Wendy Reis, Editor

“This author is one of the most gifted suspense writers I’ve ever read. Her writing style coupled with her perfection in developing anticipation had me absolutely riveted from the first page. This is the kind of skill all readers want from authors, but rarely get. The story was filled with unexpected twists and turns, and the ending was a shocker. I wholeheartedly recommend A Murder Unseen.” — Linda Hawley (Author of the Prophecies Series)

“Cochran orchestrates an adrenaline-charged thrill ride, pausing only long enough to allow you to catch your breath, before you’re pulled along again. If you’re looking for a book you can’t put down, and one you’re willing to lose sleep because of, this book is for you.” — Carolyn Arnold (Bestselling Author of the Madison Knight Series)

“Excellent mystery. Kept me at the edge of my seat. Usually I figure out the ending by mid-book, but A Murder Unseen had twists in it that were a great surprise. Well written. Can’t wait for another book to be published!!” — Kimberly C.

“Rosie Cochran knows how to weave a tale! From the very first page of A Murder Unseen, I was intrigued and had to keep reading to find out what happened next. Rosie not only knows how to tell a great and mysterious story, she is a wonderful writer. There is nothing worse than liking a storyline but not being able to get beyond poor writing skills. You won’t find any of that in Rosie’s writing.” — Sherri Wilson Johnson (Author of “To Dance Once More”)

“I absolutely LOVED this book! One of the best mysteries I have ever read! Couldn’t wait to pick it up at the end of the day! Ready for the next one!” — Luann Netti

“I read A Murder Unseen while on vacation and it captured me from beginning to end. It’s like a reading a John Grisham book!”

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