Works in Progress

Works in progress (WIP) are a part of my life. It may be a partially written draft. It may be a simple synopsis captured in print. Ideas are triggered from various venues of life. Ideas grow. Ideas become works in progress.


My approach to date on writing has been to start with a thought, an emotion, or an event, and allow the story to write itself. The story has always taken on a mind of its own, asserted itself, and written itself. This is about to change.

A trilogy is one of my works in progress. A chapter by chapter outline has been drawn up and the writing has begun. Maybe not in earnest, but it’s coming along. Of course, outline or no outline, I’m sure the story will still assert itself, insisting that it write itself! The outline is definitely a guide—not the law!


Writing reality takes more effort than fiction. At least for me it does! There’s a definite learning curve in writing reality into a story line. There may be some creative license allowed, but staying true to what happened is essential. I’m about halfway through the first draft of a book on our years as missionaries in Venezuela. I’ll keep you posted of the progress.

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